Body Parts Data File

The index is contained in a JSON file available at the link below. The JSON validates against a schema specified in JSON Schema format, also linked below. The structure of the file is illustrated in the figure below.

Body parts data file JSON structure

  • RadLex ID identifier
  • Description and synonyms (from RadLex ontology)
  • “contained by” hierarchy: physicially contained in
    (e.g., kidney in the retroperitoneum)
  • “part of” hierarchy: a component of a larger structure/system
    (e.g., adnexa part of femal genital system)
  • Left/right/unsided triads
  • Sex-phenotype specificity when applicable
  • Links to SNOMED, UMLS, FMA

Utility Libraries

The index can be easily included in your projects by using one of the open-source TypeScript or Python libraries: